Taking Meds- I Hate Me (Album Review)

Artist: Taking Meds

Album: I Hate Me

Favorite Tracks: I Hate You, Big Fish

Overall: 8.7/10


If Taking Meds wrote a lifelong favorite record with My Life As A Bro, their first full-length album, then I Hate Me will last through the generations in much the same way my dad still swears Inagodadavida by Iron Butterfly is one of the greatest songs ever written- my grandkids will have to hear my crusty old self preaching about how music was just better when I was their age, and if they don’t end up listening to I Hate Me at least once I will have failed as an elder.

But the biggest point to take away from I Hate Me is the message- while very heart-on-your-sleeve lyrically, it feels almost as if the gritty, mathy guitars try to hide that meaning behind distortion pedals and probably push pits at your local house venue. But not all the meaning is lost in this, if anything it serves to drive the point home even stronger, especially when realizing the album not only touches on substance abuse, but also how it changes you as a person, or rather prevents you from doing so. There are plenty of times when listening that you could find something relatable- and if not, then you can at least appreciate the record for the absolute banger that it is.

My favorite tracks upon my first listen were I Hate You and Big Fish (the opening track, and probably one of the seedier songs, stylistically- whoever thought to distort unclean vocals to make the lyrics borderline unintelligible has my hatred, but also it works so wonderfully with the song I can’t imagine it sounding any other way!)

I Hate You, however, hits different. “Just remember on the day you come for me / Lifers know when they’re in bad company.” Gave me chills in the best way possible when I first heard this song. While still get me hyped and ready to join that push pit of young twenty-somethings, it also makes me… upset? I feel like that’s the best word I can get for it. It makes me upset at everyone who ‘played the compliment game’ or the person who will end up ‘working at a payroll company’. The song makes me angry in the best way and upset for the people who have to put up with all the garbage the song talks about. All in all? Absolute 10/10 song.

All in all, the album has me feelin’ some type of way about everything it touches on. It gets me absolutely pumped, which is a feature in music that I heavily seek, but it also makes me think and feel for the person that speaks in all the songs. It’s an amalgamation of all sorts of negative emotions that sort of boil under the surface along with dissonant guitars and intricate solos.   

The record debuted on July 12th, 2019 and the band are currently embarking on a full US tour in support of it. All dates will be listed below and you can stream the album on Apple Music, Spotify, and Bandcamp, as well as most places you can get music.

Here’s to hoping you enjoy the record as much as I did.